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Features - Price calculation

The models price is dynamically calculated combining a base price and variations induced by the selected options. Prices can be read from a database, thus 3DCar can adapt to the changes in the marketing/sales system without the need of reprogramming.

Features - Touch-screen specific controls

These controls were provided for touch-screen usage to have a constant behaviour independent of screen "dragging" sensitivity and to make zooming available without the mouse wheel. They can be used also for normal PC usage since there are people who might not know how to interact directly with a 3D view.

" A virtual car will be of great use when selling cars! I say this because I know it would be of much help for me. I truly think it is a wonderful idea! "
Costin Girba
BMW sales representative, Bavaria Motors
" It is really cool! If I were a prospective client, I would love to use 3DCar to configure the car that I wish to buy. "
Dan Ardelean
SEAT sales manager, Porsche Inter Auto Romania
" It's a very interesting product. What I like most is its great manageability. I think this product will have a strong impact on the market! "
Madalina Dumitru
marketing, AutoExpert car magazine