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Features - Interactivity

The most important innovation brought by 3DCar which, we believe, makes it the most advanced configurator and sales tool is the ability to touch and interact with the automobile. At the moment, the demo allows users to open doors, hood and trunk by simply clicking on them and many more interactive features are planned. Some of them are mentioned in the future development chapter. The interaction already works also with a parenting system (for example the spoiler's parent is the trunk door, therefore clicking on any of them will open the trunk compartment and move both).

car configurator interactivity
" Provided that 3DCar features realistic models, this application is a great step ahead for the automotive industry. I don't think that there is anyone who would not wish to have it!
 I was completely amazed by its ability to load so fast! "
Andrei Burcea
KIA sales consultant, Mit Motors International